About Us

Pride in Law is a legal not-for-profit networking association.

Pride in Law is a non-political group, aimed at linking the LGBTIQ+ legal community and their allies. We formed as an association to bring together the LGBTIQ+ legal profession across multiple disciplines.



As an association of professionals we seek to help members directly and indirectly through:

  • VISIBLE LEGAL EDUCATION: Organise scholarly forums to engage lawyers and their allies in current LGBTIQ+ legal debates through visible events.  

  • PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING: Coordinate monthly lawyer-to-lawyer networking meetings. Pride in Law holds monthly socials and quarterly legal networking events.

  • ADVOCACY IN THE LAW: Collaborate with a wide range of lawyers across multiple disciplines to confront pressing issues involving the LGBTIQ+ community and their allies. 



Pride in Law is an association dedicated to the LGBTIQ+ legal community. Pride in Law was formed in July 2017 by Dean Clifford-Jones (Founding Member) and its Founding Corporate Sponsors. 

The creation of Pride in Law was a historic moment. It was the first time in Australian history that an independent legal association was formed for LGBTIQ+ legal professionals. Pride in Law continues to seek to erase homophobia, gender inequality, and other affronts to individuals, families, and communities by educating the legal community about LGBTIQ+ issues.

Pride in Law is proud of the legacy we are building through the Committees of years past. We are not exclusive to any single area of legal discipline. Whether you're a corporate lawyer from a top tier firm, a criminal solicitor, government legal officer, family practitioner, child protection lawyer, barrister, judicial officer, or personal injuries legal practitioner, all allies are welcome.