Executive Committee


Dean Clifford-Jones is a Principal Lawyer for the government and inaugural President of Pride in Law, Australia.

In 2008, Mr Clifford-Jones graduated from university with a dual degree in a Bachelor of Laws (with Honours) and a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Government. These undergraduate degrees were completed as a George Alexander Foundation Scholar. After being nominated for the Justice Michael Kirby Award and being the recipient of the Chancellor's Education Scholarship, Mr Clifford-Jones commenced his legal career as a Judge’s Associate.

With a desire to serve the community, Mr Clifford-Jones followed his time as a Judge’s Associate to a career at the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (Qld). Working throughout Queensland, Mr Clifford-Jones was appointed as a Crown Prosecutor appearing as leading counsel on behalf of the Director and the State of Queensland. After six years prosecuting, Mr Clifford-Jones found his passion in the child protection arena at the Office of the Director of Child Protection Litigation. As a Principal Lawyer, Mr Clifford-Jones currently appears as an advocate in child protection hearings and other proceedings in Queensland.

With a strong passion to lead by example, Mr Clifford-Jones created Pride in Law to collaborate with a wide range of lawyers to confront pressing issues involving the LGBTIQ+ community and their allies.

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Matthew Clifford is a Human Resources professional at Aurizon.   

In addition to obtaining a Graduate Certificate of Legal Studies, Workplace Relations in 2013, Mr Clifford has a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Human Resource Management. and is is currently studying for his Masters of Finance at the Queensland University of Technology.   

Mr Clifford is currently a Senior Advisor in Change and Culture at Aurizon. Mr Clifford is also a member of the Aurizon LGBTIQ & Allies Network – ALLin. The ALLin Network supports diversity and inclusion with a focus on Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Trans, Intersex and Queer Community. Their aims are for a safe and respectful environment where everyone can bring their whole self to work.

In his roles at Aurizon, Mr Clifford spent time in and around the operations, more recently living and working in Rockhampton for the past two years. 

What Mr Clifford saw within his workplace since the launch of our ALLin Network has made him proud to work for Aurizon. More than anything, what makes Mr Clifford proud of working for Aurizon are the leaders and employees who have embraced the challenge to start a conversation about inclusion and acceptance. 

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Sasha Purcell obtained her Bachelor of Laws degree from the Queensland University of Technology.

In 2009, Ms Purcell graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in International Relations and Foreign Affairs. Ms Purcell was a Prosecutor in the Queensland Police Service prior to becoming a lawyer at the Office of the Director of Child Protection Litigation.  

In addition to Ms Purcell's years of legal practice, she has volunteered at the LGBTI Legal Servcie Inc, Caxton Legal Centre and was a member of the Law School Equity Committee. In 2015, Ms Purcell was awarded the NIRKAN Undergraduate Research Essay Prize which was published and titled, ‘Reform for over-representation of Indigenous people in child protection and criminal justice systems’.

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