Pride in law - Resources

- Pride Workshop at Mercer -

The sold out workshop on 26 September 2018 had participants work through four difficult client-focused scenarios.  The positive feedback has reinforced Pride in Law's commitment to creating a safe space for these difficult, but necessary, conversations to occur.

Further Resources

FIRST: Queensland Positive People (QPP) have released a new guide to benefit people living with HIV. The guide will particularly assist our Queensland community to help them understand legal issues around disclosure of their HIV status.   Please note that the guide does not contain legal advice and is not intended to be a substitute for it. Pride in Law and the guide recommends people seek further legal advice before taking any action.  The new guide can also be accessed through the QPP website.

SECOND: The Australian Standards of Care and Treatment Guidelines (ASOCTG) aim to maximise quality care provision to trans and gender diverse children and adolescents across Australia, whilst recognising the unique circumstances of providing such care to this population. Produced by the Royal Children’s Hospital, you can download the guide here.